Rescue Ivey

A rescue for your pet rescue

About Us

Rescue Ivey is a pet rescue software platform. Our web application was designed to help manage the various responsibilities of running a pet resuce. We started off very small working with "To Love a Canine Rescue PA" (TLCPA) to develop solutions to their growing organization. The system is used to collect online applications from adopters, fosters, and volunteers. Working closely with TLCPA we developed more features in order for them to track all of the pets that were being rescued all over the country. TLCPA was able to track their rescued pets from the moment they arrived up to the moment they found their new home. Over the past couple years we've learned a lot from our relationship and have included many more features to help them with their rescue. We even ended up adopting "Ivey" from TLCPA and we couldn't be happier. I hope we can help you and your rescue so someone else can adopt a loving pet into their home!